aMTB Guidelines



2nd Edition soon to be released!

We are currently working with adaptive athletes and the Provincial Government to release a 2nd Edition including critical updates to the 1st Edition released in 2017. As we make these improvements, we have recalled the 1st Edition and ask our friends and partners to refrain from further use or distribution of the 1st Edition in anticipation of an evolved 2nd Edition release.

As the aMTB movement continues, we are proud to be working with Ethan Krueger from aMTB Trails to launch a new workshop this year aMTB: Design & Build. This workshop will provide all participants with a copy of the 2nd Edition aMTB Guidelines once released. Find out more on our EDUCATION page.

We will continue to collaborate with builders, designers and adaptive riders to broaden the knowledge base and create a more robust 2nd Edition.  The process to create these guidelines continues to include rider feedback and comprehensive field measurements.

To be put on the list to receive your copy of the
2nd Edition aMTB guidelines, please email us at

It is our belief that every riding destination should include an adaptive trail in their inventory.  Due to the specific needs of adaptive riders and the ensuing design complexities to create a great aMTB trail, proper design and layout is crucial. 
— Mark Wood, Trail Holistics