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It all started when...

Mark Wood began his career as a Landscape Designer in the 90s, building Japanese Koi ponds and designing peaceful zen gardens, inspired by traditional designs of Kyoto and Koyosan.  Being mentored by master designer John Cahill, this time would serve as the foundation to connect Mark infinitely to the landscape while establishing a deeper understanding of balanced design principles.

After becoming lost in the corporate world and travelling the globe for over a decade (the lost years), Mark would eventually return to his roots, this time applying his zen building technique on the forested slopes of British Columbia. Pursuing his passion for outdoor recreation combined with mountain landscapes, he began building trails to connect others with the magic of the forest. 

It was a re-awakening and re-connection to the land.

His past experience in landscape design served as a starting point to grow his expanding knowledge of trails & sustainability.  Through the years, he has been fortunate to meet many other passionate professionals in outdoor recreation and resource management.  He found himself engaging with some very ardent and knowledgeable experts who possessed diverse educational backgrounds.  They were as passionate to share their knowledge as he was to listen.   Foresters, ecologists, geoscientists and community planners shared their expertise, united in their pursuit of socio-ecological harmony and sustainable recreation.  In each of these impassioned discussions, one common theme surfaced time and again, echoing the fundamental basis found in Japanese Zen design... Balance

And so, Trail Holistics was born.  Gathering a team of passionate and knowledgeable professionals, our purpose is to balance the social, economic and ecological aspects of communities and landscape.


Mark Wood in Japan traversing the 1000 year old Kumano Kodo

Mark Wood in Japan traversing the 1000 year old Kumano Kodo