At Trail Holistics, we have worked on a number of projects ranging from assessments to strategic planning, educational workshops & field training to project management.  We support our clients to ensure long term success.

We care about what we do. Hear from a few of our clients below.

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Since 2014 the Village of Cumberland has worked with Mark Wood, Principal of Trail Holistics, on various community trail initiatives. Each of these experiences have been overwhelmingly positive as we work to plan, build and implement higher standards in trail layout construction and maintenance, in addition to broader public understanding of local trail governance and management issues.
The feedback from workshop participants has been very positive, with attendees commenting on Mr. Wood’s knowledge, enthusiasm, professionalism, and his ability to quickly grasp and relate to the current trail issues and challenges facing our community. Trail Holistics has also gone on to provide specific mentorship and capacity building services for our municipality and local trail stewardship groups in our area, and in doing so has been a hugely helpful resource to the Village of Cumberland as we grow and expand our trail system.
I highly recommend Trail Holistics for trail planning and related services. Mark Wood’s experience, commitment and dedication provide a solid foundation in which to base any trails project on.

Kevin McPhedran
Parks and Outdoor Recreation Coordinator Village of Cumberland
During the summer of 2017 our association had the pleasure of working with Mr. Wood and Trail Holistics on a signage audit for our mountain bike trail system.

Mark was extremely professional through the entire week long process from pre-work planning, to scheduling, in field work and final delivery of a great product.

Our work with Trail Holistics was exactly as described in the request for proposal process and we are very happy with the final product.

Curtis Pawliuk
Trail & Recreation Manager
Over the years, I have found Mark to be a pleasure to work with. Through his efforts, the state of the trails on the North Shore of Vancouver have been vastly improved, and those improvements have occurred in a sustainable and environmentally sound manner that will benefit all residents of North Vancouver for generations to come.
I would not hesitate to recommend working with Mark Wood. Please feel free to contact me if I can
provide you with any further details.

Robert Wilson
Area Supervisor
BC Parks and Protected Areas
South Fraser Area
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I am happy to recommend Mark Wood in any employment endeavour that he may pursue. I have known Mark for several years and have collaborated with him on various projects within the Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve.
His dedication to his craft and work ethic is very impressive. He is hard working, approachable and professional.

Matt Harmeson, LSCR Operations
Metro Vancouver
Mark was involved in the design, construction and maintenance of a variety of trails, working with Trail Best Management Practices and DNV Park Construction guidelines. He directed trail improvements, boardwalk construction, invasive plant removal and restoration planting.
Mark is collaborative, a good communicator and was effective in understanding and representing the interests of trail users and stakeholders.

Susan Rogers
DNV Parks Manager
Just finished a two day workshop led by Mark Wood on Quadra Island. Can’t say enough about Mark’s professionalism, enthusiasm, knowledge and hard work. He was a real inspiration, can’t wait to learn from him again.

Stephen and Carrie Ford