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our services

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Signage Planning

  • Expansion Planning

  • Assessment

  • Inventory

  • Trail Counter Deployment

  • Phased Expansion: costs & timelines

  • Training & Education Programs

  • Strategic Planning Workshops

  • Asset Management

  • Project Management

  • Risk Management

  • Impact Mitigation

  • Signage & Mapping

  • Realignment and Restoration

  • Structure Rendering & Construction

  • Build, Design & Improve

  • aMTB Design & Build

our process

Using current industry standards & guidelines and Provincial regulations, we initiate a comprehensive process to plan new networks or improve existing trails. 
We create world class trail networks while effectively managing risk with a focus on sustainability.

Phase I: Goals and Objectives
We first meet with our client to understand the goals and objectives. This provides a better understanding where issues and opportunities lie and how to best plan the scope work. 

Phase II: Field Study
Once we understand our clients’ needs, we then offer an array of solutions that target objectives, beginning with a field assessment to identify risks and impacts while seeking opportunities for improvement. We employ a highly technical approach through a ‘boots on the ground’ exploration of the landscape to create concise maps that inventory assets and identify points of interest. 
Through varied means, we are able to determine patterns of use and create prioritized action plans to concentrate resources for prioritized improvements.  Slope assessment & geotechnical analysis identify drainages, soil conditions, potential instability, gradient and desirable areas for expansion.

Phase III: Strategic Planning
Once the field work is complete, we ensure success for our clients by providing comprehensive action plans including cost projections and management strategies that minimize risk and improve the long term outlook.  Our support documentation aims to create practical, relevant and realistic plans that are useable, including contractor ready tender documents with specific prescriptions.

inventory, analyze & assess

We map, inventory and assess trails and specific aspects to provide a physical overview of the current status using an objective set of criteria.
Following this comprehensive assessment, we work to create a relevant planning strategy that targets determined objectives through long term, cost effective means.
Using budgets provided, phased action plans are then developed.


our tools & methodology

Data is gathered through the use of formalized field assessments that utilize current industry standards and guidelines while employing Provincial regulations.

We identify hazards and ecological impacts while finding opportunity to improve user experience, providing recommendations and implementation timelines.


We utilize a collaborative approach, employing an iterative process to arrive at a conclusion that best supports the collective vision of stakeholders as opposed to a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

trail counters

We utilize game cameras, electromagnetic and beam activated trail counters to determine user pressure and patterns of usage to identify areas of concern and prioritize action plans. Often there is a knowledge gap when it comes to effective deployment and data analysis to fully utilize the complex software associated with these counters. We have extensive experience in this field to ensure effective results to discern the data set accordingly. From this data we are able to determine a clear picture of usage & impact. 

planning strategies

We work closely with our clients to create a vision and from this, derive an effective planning process that fulfills this vision.
We offer strategic planning services that bring your vision to reality using tried and tested methods while analyzing the best available data.  Our strategic approach aspires to be relevant and realistic, providing practical, real world planning to minimize maintenance and construction costs while improving user experience to meet defined goals & identified objectives.


plan, design, construction & project management

From trail restoration to planning of new trails & networks, we are project management experts.

We improve, construct and design all trail types including restoration, reclamation, realignment, signage, kiosk, bridge and structure design. To manage the complexities of costs and ensure phased development is on time and under budget, we provide project management services to support our clients' vision.


For more information on our Education programs & Field Training,
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