Below you'll find a sampling of recent projects. 
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Trail Holistics was hired to create a 15km XC multi use trail network for four season use including: MTB, hiking/running, snowshoeing and fat biking.  Additionally, Trail Holistics was asked to conduct a comprehensive slope analysis to determine design and layout of a 30km MTB Enduro trail network.

A comprehensive field assessment was conducted to determine ideal location including design and layout. A signage plan was created and phased construction including budgetting was delivered to our client on time and under budget.  A full scale slope assessment determined soil, hydrology and gradient profiles.

Forbidden Plateau Trail Assessment

Trail Holistics was hired to map and assess 83km of trails on the north side of Comox Lake to determine usage, condition of each trail and identify areas of concern where erosion and sedimentation are occurring and to identify trail areas in need of repair and/or realignment and to provide prescriptions. The goal of this project was to understand the management needs of the area and determine requirements to mitigate potential water quality impacts to Comox Lake and the Comox Valley drinking water supply area with the results of the assessment serving as the foundation to create a management plan that balances the needs of stakeholders including residents and visitors, government and land owners.


Valemount bike park

In 2017, Trail Holistics was hired to conduct a signage audit to assess current risks and create a risk management plan using current standards and guidelines. Signage deficiencies and areas of concern were identified and priority risk mitigation strategies recommended.  The final signage management plan outlined regulatory requirements to ensure Duty to Care and provided a systematic structure assessment process and appropriate record keeping templates.

Greendrop lake trail planning

Assess Greendrop Lake Hiking Trail & Lindeman Lake Hiking Trail (10.5km) to create an itemized scope of work including prescriptions to realign, repair, improve and where required, to construct bridges over riparian areas including materials required, georeferenced POI and a prioritized list of concerns.

The final assessment report summarized areas of high concern including risk mitigation planning, realized and potential hazards, and environmental impacts.

A detailed work prescription was created as a tender ready document for future contractor work including construction prescriptions, realignments, geo referrenced POI and projected costs.

Support was provided by Trail Holistics in the bid process to secure a capable contractor with preferred rates and appropriate work history for backcountry construction projects.  




Forbidden Plateau usage report

Continuing studies on Forbidden Plateau included the deployment of trail counters to report on mountain bike use statistics gathered by Trail Holistics  including high season and low season comparatives. 

The data represents a snapshot of a subset of primary access and exit trails within the Forbidden Plateau riding system, providing insight into the current MTB usage in the Forbidden Plateau area.

Data metrics provide a deeper understanding of user patterns to aid in future planning, anticipating future demands and budget appropriately for improvements, maintenance and potential expansion.


Tansky realignment

Trail Holistics was hired to assess and provide geo referenced field assessment data including a sustainable realignment of the primary entrance into the Tansky Motorized Trail Network on western Vancouver Island. The original trail had become severely eroded due to water damage and posed a hazard to users while failing to accommodate beginner and intermediate riders.

An itemized budget was created including a detailed construction prescription.  The project included stakeholder engagement and on site meetings with BCORMA  - BC Offroad Motorcycle Association.

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Trail Holistics was hired by the Ministry of Forests to work with the Revelstoke Cycling Association to ground truth, realign as required and locate the new climbing access trail on Mt Cartier. Working with the BC Wildfire Service, Trail Holistics provided field training to construct 743m of sustainable bench cut trail in 5 days of field work with 10 person crews each day.