who we are

We are a growing team of inspired consultants, experts in our respective fields. Avid outdoor enthusiasts, we collectively hold decades of professional management experience that translates into relevant and highly effective strategies.

Our cumulative experience includes; designing, administering and analyzing field data surveys and experimental design in collecting and analyzing trail use data, Recreation Management, Master Planning, Strategic Planning, Community Planning, Public Consultation, First Nations Consultation, Risk Management, Trail Design & Construction, Impact Assessment & Mitigation, Site Restoration, Project Management, Education & Training and Geo-science analysis specializing in terrain assessment including slope stability, erosion potential and hydrologic assessment.

Our unified purpose of work is focussed on Sustainability.

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Phil Bradshaw
mrm, rpp, Mcip

With a Master's Degree in Resource and Environmental Management from Simon Fraser University, Phil is also a Registered Professional Planner specializing in the natural resource and environmental field. His experience spans the breadth of field data collection, analysis and management action planning. Phil has presented his work to land use management agencies at both the local and international level.

M.Sc. p.geo.

Scott Weston is a Professional Geoscientist with over 20 years of experience in geomorphic and landscape genesis interpretation, soil science, terrain stability analysis, natural hazard assessment, hydrology and environmental impact assessment. Scott has a broad understanding of the physical, biological, and social science disciplines that provides the foundation to manage complex environmental challenges. Scott adds depth to our professional services by encompassing all analytics regarding earth sciences. 


ethan krueger
amtb consultant

Ethan is an adaptive mountain bike rider who now views trails from a different perspective. After suffering a spinal cord injury in a mountain bike crash back in 2010, he has since traded his mountain bike in for an adapted one. Noticing almost instantly that adaptive bikes require different trail standards, he began to review the trails he has ridden and assess what parts of the trail could be changed to accommodate adaptive mountain bikes. He has also worked with organizations and riding groups to bring awareness to adaptive mountain biking and provide input into trail design.  Trail Holistics is proud to partner with Ethan to expand the sport of aMTB and improve opportunities for this new frontier in sport.

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mark wood
trail consultant

An expert in trail management strategies, Mark holds a wealth of experience in risk management, construction, assessment & planning. Working with Land Managers and communities throughout BC, Mark is experienced conducting assessments leading to development strategies in a range of biogeoclimatic zones. Mark's work includes the creation of powerful capacity building initiatives centered on a sustainable future.

An enthusiastic Instructor, Mark continues to conduct trail workshops throughout BC since 2011, teaching participants the art of sustainable trail care, advanced design & construction, and operational capacity building for trail associations. 


Devon is a graduate with distinction of BCIT’s Sustainable Resource Management Program and a current UBC Forestry student. He works in the forest industry in Central British Columbia, developing site plans, working with stakeholders and First Nations, conducting ecological assessments, and planning access roads. Devon creates intuitive maps based on efficient GPS data collection to form a clear picture of management objectives on the landscape.