we are focused on sustainability

Our Mission

Making trails better, making better trails.

Our values

We believe in a sustainable future. Trails are an invaluable community asset that provide recreational opportunities for communities.  To ensure a sustainable future for our trails requires a balancing of the social, economic and environmental aspects of the Sustainability Equation, as represented in the three leaves of our logo.

our goal

Guided by our pursuit of a sustainable future, our goal is to provide cost effective, realistic and relevant strategies to plan new networks and improve existing trails.  We work with stakeholders and government to create long term planning strategies that expands socioeconomic opportunity while minimizing ecological impact and mitigating risk.

our team

Avid outdoor enthusiasts, we are passionate about trails.  
Our team of professionals hold decades of experience in community & recreation planning, trail design & management, risk assessment and safety planning.   We are experienced in stakeholder engagement and community outreach to create effective long term strategies that balance regional needs. Each Trail Holistics team member possesses a number of unique skills, providing a diversified expertise to create inspirational results. 
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We listen.
Our holistic approach begins with the initial Discovery phase in which client objectives are determined and goals are identified. Data is then collected during the field assessment. After analysis of the data set, we create a relevant plan to achieve prioritized goals, set appropriate budgets and create an action plan that fulfills objectives and maximizes potential.

field assessment

During the field assessment, we are able to analyze a number of variables including impact, risk, user pressure and asset identification. The assessment identifies hazards and deficiencies in the network while intimating future potential and opportunities for improvement. Our use of trail counters and a formalized assessment template provide sound methodology to create a base line for empirical data sets.  We distill this information into an easy to understand and very usable format.


The analysis of gathered field data leads to the creation of concise planning strategies to manage identified goals. Our summary reports include mapping of assets, slope analysis, deficiencies, potential and areas of concern,  providing a baseline for future planning and monitoring. This comprehensive process serves to create sound management plans with clear recommendations, budgets and timelines.

 Structure inventory, field tagging and asset mapping.

Structure inventory, field tagging and asset mapping.

Plan, design & construction

Our planning services include Master Planning, Feasibility Studies, trail surveyance, signage strategies & mapping, slope analysis, bridge and structure rendering & 3 D modelling, erosion resistant tread surfaces and integrated safety features.
We are experts at improving existing trails or planning entirely new networks.

No step in the process of constructing a new trail is more important than surveying a detailed, carefully considered route. A well-surveyed trail that is badly constructed can later be brought up to standard. A poorly surveyed trail, even though built by expert crews, will forever suffer from the initial failure to plan it properly.
— Robert C Birkby "Lightly on the Land"


Our workshops and field training sessions provide the knowledge base and valuable hands-on learning opportunities to increase capacity and improve effectiveness. The graduated training sessions provide participants with working knowledge of current safety, construction and assessment standards, guidelines and sustainable construction techniques for all types of trails.

The sessions and curriculum were great. The duration and material were both very good. With the information provided in level one, we could make a 90% improvement on most of our trails with a little planning and thought.
— Steven McBain, Cumberland
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