making trails better, making better trails

At Trail Holistics, we are focussed on the development of sustainable best practices in the field of trail management. Working with government and community since 2010, our team of forward thinking planners, designers and field experts work passionately to improve the triple bottom line.

Trail Holistics is a certified Trail Planner by the Province of BC.


We create phased development strategies that balance socioeconomic needs while minimizing ecological impact.

education & TRAINING

As leaders in the field of sustainable trail design, we have created a series of skills building workshops and hands on field training for volunteer and professional trail builders.

asset management

We assess & inventory trail networks to create risk management strategies and unlock future potential.


We work with clients to create Master Plans that include cost projections for phased expansion. Feasibility Studies and Project Management provides end to end services for any sized project.


We are able to design and construct all types of trails from multi use to MTB to aMTB
including bridge construction to advanced TTFs.
Please view samples of our work by clicking on photos above.